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good concept .... bad craftsmanship
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#1 (permalink)      10/4/2016 8:25:59 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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good concept .... bad craftsmanship

Good airflow (on dual coil deck)
Good flavour
(yeah ... just good)


Juice capacity is a joke
orings are of bad quality
Juiceflow control does not stay in place (spins all over the place)
Drip-Tip comes off way too easily
wicking is not great as the juiceflow holes are too small and the wick holes are a joke for the airflow and wicking needed
airflow on single-coil deck is close to useless (not smooth at all, metal chips all over)
Airflow-control ring is loose

I've had this for about 3-4 weeks by now and I really tied a lot of builds, Juices and wattage modes on this.... to get the performance to where it should be ...

The perfonrmance itself is just fine .... It's cloudy, it tastes good and it's a really nice vape.


Aside from the things I mentioned there are a couple of things that reeeeeeally need to be adressed by Cthulmods:

First of all .... Get your threads to perfection ... the threads on this device aren't totally crap, but for the amount of material used they are not smooth at all ... even at this pricepoint (comparing to Geekvape products)

The orings on this device are not only instable ... they don#t even fit in the places they're put in ... meaning you have a loose juiceflow control, a falling off drip-tip and potentially a shorting 510 ....

Get the airflow on the single-coil option correct ... they really did a good job on the dual coil, but the single coil option is just pathetic ... far away from direct airflow ... and rather remembering me to sucking air through a siver .... not smooth at all and definitely something that needs to be fixed to even call this "an option"

Get your wicking right! .... it would have been easy to put a good method of wicking in this RTA .... unluckily ... there is some kind of a rashed and not well thought out wicking solution, that just contradicts the size of coils you should build in this RTA ... also don't expect to wick 70 VG or higher ... as the space between chimney and glass is simply too small and airbubbles just get stuck in here ....

i just posted my review here, as I know that fasttech does not easily allow real reviews to be posted in the reviews Tab as long as there aren't enough units sold.

to be honest ... some parts of this atomizer are really, really good .... like the dual-coil deck and the airflow that comes with it .... it surprised me .... really!

But all the other cons and a pricetag that is similar to all the other authentic-chinese -made products made a little bit sad ....

If this Product was priced around 20$ ... i would have taken it and told myself, that I could live with the cons as it is a cheap product and I maybe could craft it myself to a useable Atomizer .... but truth is ... for 32 dollars and the time Cthulmods are on the market ... I'm heavily dissapointed. Not only did they crew up on a rigid Juiceflow control ... they also messed up the wicking and the chimney/Tank -size ratio by putting a way too small glass over an oversized chimney .... then they additionally just screwed up on the size of the feed-holes ....

Yeah ... it kinda hurts a modder's heart

I'm not a fanboy of any sorts ... but just saying that there are at least 2 products that I know of, that deliver better craftsmanship for the same or lower the price of this one.

I just kinda talk everything off me ... because it is subjective ... but I personally find that Geekvape with their Griffin 25 plus just have the best 25mm-RTA option out right now .... straight out of experience.

Alsi I own a VCST-clone ... which hast a little bit more of a restrictive airflow ... but phenomenal flavour (just make sure to order the needed 304ss screws ... because the ones that it comes with are garbage as hell ....)

I will keep the cThulhu V3 in my rotation as a home Vape .... As I still have some 50/50 juice left to vape and have enough devices that I can leave some of them at home .... but taking this thing out ... even for a walk .... not possibl
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You make a lot of fair points OP.

Personally I haven't had any problems with the threading, and the spinny juice-flow control hasn't really bothered me. As for the 510 adaptor, I swapped the O-ring for something a touch larger, and now it fits snug as a bug in a rug. :)

As you say, wicking could be better, but still it just about keeps up.

Really dig the big coil space and centre-post air-hole, which make for very decent clouds and flavour as you say.

No regrets about buying the black one. I guess the inclusion of the single-coil deck is what bumps the price up a bit. Still I hear what you say about the high price point. I look at it though that everything else is fantastically cheap rather than this being too pricey. :)
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The Juiceflow control spun as soon as i tilted the mod just a slight bit too far.... and even by just sucking on it ... I had the drip tip sticking to my lips and just sliding out of the catch-cup ...

to be honest ... I could work this to a useable atomizer .... (scrape out the juiceflow-holes a little bit more on chimney and deck .... get the press-fittet juiceflow control out and put a solid o-ring under it ... putting some stonger o-rings on the drip tip .... ect.) .... but do I really want to do that when I'm buying an authentic product?

Hell NO!

so ... for everyone that wants a good RTA and want's an easy to build - big airflow Tank .... Go and look out for the options I mentioned ....

There surely are others out there that work phenomenal and that deliver what they promise .... but this one ... just didn't ... and in my honest opinion ... I you had considered buying this ....

Please .... Just stay away from it .... even if it is hyped by some not really to be taken severious reviewers.

to be honest ... I'm a little bit tired .... every now and then a reviewed product hits the market that is praised and held like the holy cow ... when in reality ... no one points out the obvious cons ....

It seems like it's always the question of bein able to live with the "cons" when it comes to most products and not to the question "is it good?"

Just like I pointed out, that the insulators on the Herakles RTA aren't made out of peek .... No reviewer pointed that out ... noone talked about the positive block getting loose overtime ... noone talked about the unstable 510 pin it had .... All of them were just raving about the airflow and the flavour and the wicking ... which were really good .... but in the end ... all the criterias I talked about are just NO-NO-criterias ... And in my opinion ... a product .... especially for vapers should be made for long-life use .... So every little faulty part ... that could degenerate over time should be pointed out as a no-brainer-con ... as a product that you can only use once would just defeat it's purpose .... sadly ... It's just what the reviewers are doing ... trying a product "once" .... some of them maybe about 2 weeks ... but even within that timeframe it's often not possible to point out the problems that can arise ....

In my opinion .... all vape companies ... of even sellers should give products to serious "beta-testers" before they launch a product .... some of them are doing it .... most of them just don't which is kinda sad ....

But maybe ... if I reach one with my honest opinion and can give him a little bit of advice .... I'm happy.

Have a great day guys!


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Sorry @ LutherBlissett

Was just writing on my litte rant there ....

Yeah ... one could really see it like this ... that everything is just "cheap" and we are a little bit ... how should i say ... teased in thinking that 32$ is high ... but .... to be honest every RTA ... even USA-Made or european Made RTAs are about that pricerange ....

sure it comes down to production volume to keep costs down and get the great price out .... but.... why even produce a design that is faulty from the start ..

I'm talking from a maufacturers or designer's standpoint ... if a design has ovious weaknesses .... I could try to work out these weaknesses or I scrap the whole Idea.

And to be fair ... Cthulmods did some great things with their V1 and V2 RTA ... but it was always kinda .... yeah ... craftsmanship-wise .... not TOP ... they were able to work around it in the V2 but this V3 could proove as their downfall ... as they really screwed up on things even bigger competitors had to rework (geekvape comes to mind).

So ... who is this genius behind that production plan ... that delivers worse quality at the same price as it's competitors?

It really hurts my brain thinking about it in a serious way ..... I try to justify it with saying "it's cheap and chinese made ...." but I just CAN'T Justify this stupidity XD