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Which Pre-coiled Wire?
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#1 (permalink)      11/22/2017 5:03:19 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Which Pre-coiled Wire?
I have one of these RDAs coming and am wanting to order pre-coiled wire for it ahead of time to hit the ground running. I want a single coil build to go on a Pico 75W mod, and want to vape at 20 - 30W ideally to preserve battery (not a cloud chaser obviously). What SS316 coil would you recommend to accomplish this or at least get me in the ballpark? I'm not quite ready or set up to wind my own coils yet. I was looking at these because I like that they are spaced coils. However the ohms are quite low. Should I go with some clapton variation? Will going clapton affect my wattage used?
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I believe you have some misconceptions about resistance/wattage on a regulated mod.
For any given wire, more wraps will give higher resistance and require higher wattage to heat. Adding wires (e.g. adding a wire to make a clapton or a parallel) will lower your resistance and will require higher wattage comparing to a single wire, but adding wraps will again give you higher resistance and require more wattage.
hope it makes sense.
these coils will produce a warm vape under 20w more or less, you can try them and maybe add a wrap or two to fit your preferences. In general I would also try some 26/30 SS or 26/32 kanthal claptons (I would prefer thinner claptons but these are the ones that are more readily available here). You would have to raise your wattage a bit for them (maybe around 30-50w for around 4 wraps depending on wire ymmv) but you will certainly get better performance. Also take care in building for the SXK hadaly because thicker wires have the tendency to escape from the clamps.
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Thanks for your reply kizonis. That does make sense. I thought I recalled reading on my stock coils that came with the Melo III Mini that the 0.3 ohm was 30-80W, and I couldn't imagine going much lower than 0.3 ohm, so I thought to get down to 20-ish watts like a lot of MTL vapers report using, that it must be higher ohms I'm after. MTL set-ups people were recommending to me were around 1 ohm. I guess I was connecting dots that weren't actually there, and need to read up more. That said, am I wrong to say flavor chasers and MTL vapers generally prefer higher ohms (say 0.8 to 1.2 ohms) and cloud chasers prefer almost the lower the better?
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+1 details
dsydorko, that is easy to explain. we need a knowledge of the Ohm's Law and some understanding how regulated mod works.
Some oversimplified explanation:
The "natural" current which flow thru a coil (let's remember mechanical mods) is determined by
R - resistance of the coil
U - voltage
Current I = U/R is appears to be predetermined.
Also the wattage P = U*I or to exclude current = U^2/R
Regulated mod cannot vary coil resistance as it is determined by its material and geomerty, so it varies voltage.
To provide more power than natural it has to "boost", to decrease it - mod uses "buck".
Any convertation requires expences (and incresing voltage "costs" mod more power than decresing it, this is why DNA datasheets specify honest 85% for a single battery chips like DNA60 or DNA75(C). on the contrary dual-battery mods normaly have only "buck" convertor and their average "efficiency" is like 93..95%).
Anyway, the more voltage mod has to add or substract from "natural" the more battery power it will consume for this certain need from the battery, so to keep battery life healthy it is logical to use the resistance providing "natural" wattage and for low wattage we have like 1+ Ohms, while for higher wattages we need 0.4- Ohms - not to rape our mods too hard.

Take a look at this picture:

it is impossible to obtain 60W at 3 Ohms resistance as this requires 60=U^2/3 U=13V, while "boost" on most of single battery mods is limited with 7V (for example DNA75) or for newer chips 9V (for example DNA75C). This is not Evolv specific. This is just the Ohm's Law.

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To get a nice, lower wattage MTL vape, I usually build simple, single coils out of SS or Kanthal with around 8 wraps to get a resistance of about 1 Ohm, and this gives me a nice vape at around 11-15W.