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Why my Ammit came with no coils?
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#1 (permalink)      3/26/2017 2:39:43 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Why my Ammit came with no coils?
I saw a lot of reviews before buyings this tank and in all of them reviews you can see the pack cames with 2 coils inside de spare glass. When I received it mine doesn't came with the coils even the pack came totally sealed.

Is this correct? or I have tu complaint with Fasstech? (I bought the original one, SKU: 6245701)

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I saw some Youtube reviews where there are no coils in original package. I think that Geekvape stopped delivering coils some time ago. There are no coils also on FT pictures of the product.

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There are no coils listed or pictured, so no point complaining to FastTech ... Unless you have some evidence that when you ordered that coils were included (screen capture of the product page for instance).
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