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Base disassembly
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#11 (permalink)      4/15/2017 8:59:53 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Nope .
Try placing the coils closer to the deck,
To reduce condensation on the barrel.
My does the same thing.
Watch Rip tripper vid with build tips (newer one).
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I got it and have been using it for the past two days. I find it excellent, it drinks a bit of juice but produces lots of vapor and flavor, and the vape is very saturated. My only complaint is the loose juice flow control and very slow weeping from the seal between the base and the tank section. The oring looks thinner than optimal. Anybody knows of the oring I.D. and thickness, so I can order some thicker ones?
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Taifix wrote:

I wasn´t able to move the LC on my second Ammit - so I needed to lube the O-Ring on that one as well. Here are some pics:1. Screw out both 510 screws and take out the insulator:2. Base disassembly - put some tape around the base, so that you don´t loose the small parts under the AFC. Hit GENTLY!3. Lube the O-Ring under the AFC with high VG - change O-Ring if it´s damaged or if tank is leaking4. Press Base together again

please tell me how to disassemble. tried today your method but dind't get apart. already damaged the sides a bit

my problem is, that it is not flush, stannd like tower of Pisa. LC is sturdy, AFC damn loose. tried to push together, no mm went further