Taifix wrote:

In step 3 you can see that the O-Ring is damaged. So I changed it and put a lot of VG on it.
Can´t remember if that one came with the Ammit or not. I have sooo many O-Rings....

Same trouble with the Merlin because of press-fitted base - also connectivity problems.

Maybe best if you vape a bit with the Ammit before doing all that....

Maybe I'm not looking at the 3rd picture right, but I don't see damage to the O-Ring.

I guess I'll head to the Merlin Forum to see how to fix the connectivity problem if it turns out not to be the coil I'm using right now.

The JFC is working fine so I doubt I'll need to do any of these things. I said in another thread that it's turning past closed. I don't know if that's an issue or not. It turns to open, closed, then half open. Is that normal?