If you think the Ammit juice flow control is too loose, that the tank wobbles a bit and if you have slight dampness around the base, it's due to the thin o-ring of the juice flow control. My Ammit came with a completely incorrect oring from the factory (14mm internal diameter, 1mm thickness).

Some measurements: O-ring groove on the base has a diameter of 17.8mm. O-ring seat of the bottom tank section, where the o-ring seals is 19.2mm.

The stock 14mm I.D., 1mm thickness o-ring that came stock is completely wrong. O-rings should be stretched less than 5%, and compression should be less than 30%. With those specs in mind, a 17mm I.D, 1.5mm thickness o-ring is ideal for the Ammit. I've ordered SKU 4380503 together with my third Ammit and will inform you of howa they fit (at least on my first one that I measure it should be fine).