This is how I wish Geekvape would have designed the Ammit. To build it I used the extension screw of the Ammit 25.
Most parts need to be sanded, but I think it´s worth the effort!
Tank capacity raised from 3,5ml to 4,7ml and the glass is thicker.
At the same time the glass has more distance to the chamber which solves troubles with thicker VG juice.
The glass I used comes from Merlin - SKU 5051300

P.S.: If you use the extension screw of the Ammit 25 for this DIY build you can still use the Ammit 25 with the small glass.

@Fasttech: Would be a good thing to see the extension screw separately here!!!

1. Doom the chamber like the Skyline to increase taste and capacity!!!
2. Copy the Juice flow control of the Skyline!!!

I know you won´t, as it would be too perfect - just thought I mention it :-)