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#11 (permalink)      5/12/2017 4:11:08 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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MotoBlue wrote:

It arrived today and I am in the process of coiling this.My first impressions are superb quality machining. It makes the Gaia that came in the same delivery look cheap. However, I have got the first coil in place and realised how much better this could have been.Look at the posts and see where the coil is clamped. If I said low - high - high - low I am sure you know what I mean. By having the wire coming off the bottom of the coil on the outside means two things - the wire is difficult to cut. It is a few mm from the lip of the base and it is difficult to cut the wire as you can only get the tip of your cutters in there. My 3 core clapton coils have to be removed from the posts to cut that lead. If the clamps had been high - low - low high it would be much easier to cut my wires. This leads me to my second point. As I centralise my coils, that bottom end wire on the outside gets in the way when wicking. If it had been high - low - low - high, the stretched out end wire would be above the wick out of the way.Don't vape companies have beta testers?

Hello Motoblue

I too have received a lot of help through reading your posts and by questions you have answered and thought id give my 2 cents on how ive been wicking this thing with success.

This will be a kind of "to each they're own" type of thing, and a lot of people are gonna give me crap, but I can handle it and honestly - it truly works for me, even at the higher wattages that I enjoy vaping at.

So a while back I saw this post where Twisted messes (I believe) had some sort of trouble wicking a particular coil setup. I cant remember the rda-might have been the old Igo W, but he had this dual coil thing going. IT WAS HUGE, and there wasnt any way to effectively have wick draping down one side of each coil (think its a 3 post?) so he just cut one end of the wick(per coil on a dual coil setup) and fluffed it out. Only one side of each coil had the cotton cascading down into the juice well.

At first I thought dry hits were certain, but to my surprise, it worked! No dryness :-)

Ive had to do this for maybe 3 total setups in my 3 years of vaping, most recently this rda and it has served me well each time.

I still get that anxiety after wicking it and taking my first few pulls, but somehow the juice still finds a way to make it to the coils so long as I have enough cotton under the coils from the other side of the coil.

Anyway thanks for all you do man. You've sure helped me a bunch. Im sure that you since solved the issue, but thats my experience. Maybe this will help someone :-)

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Someone complained ones (at an other SKU) that he received a "dude", the post in his Kryten were mounted on the other way around... :)