Bassett wrote:

I've never really understood why people buy squonk mods when you can just have a tank but it seems like the ramp placement might give one some purpose. Even so I don't feel compelled to buy one, I could drip into the second tiny hole on the opposite side just as easily.

Not a bad idea but you cannot drip through the other 1.8mm hole because for one you need a small needle tip that has a 1.7 or less diameter shaft if you can find one, and by doing that, you are limited to using 50/50pg/vg. But most importantly, the hole on the other side does not go through to the deck, that is, if you are trying to fill it up behind the post. The only hole that goes through to the deck from the topcap is the slotted airflow hole by the peek ramp. This is meant for squonking in mind, and it's a beauty. I've ordered one from here, and I hope the original manufacturer s topcap fits on this one, because I'm ordering the 1.2mm airflow only topcap, as I prefer mtl and this thing looks like it delivers just that. I hope this smaller deck, adds value to the whole mtl experience with this one. Mtl decks without condensed/smaller Chambers tend to have internal airflow issues from what I've seen and experienced. I love the fact that I don't have to worry at all about my tank breaking if I drop it, that I think is the reason why squonking is better...also I can change my coil or cotton without having to finish my e liquid, or I can just change e liquid in the middle of the day without getting messy.