Yep still a lovely mod to use & look at. If I didn't have my eye on 10 others I'd buy a copper version, I may still do :)

Btw if you like this Tauren consider the Arc V2 (if you haven't already).
It's of equal quality, confirmed by an authentic owner to be as good as the authentic, so it's of a very high standard as the Tauren yet different in its mechanical functions.

I own the Green version, I Love it.

It's very conductive (comes in 4 versions :- all brass or all copper (In 3 colours Black, Olive Green as shown & plain (naked) all with silver coated positive pin), lovely to hold & use.
Replacing batteries is a doddle, a solid quarter turn of the switch housing & you have access to your battery. A design or iteration of I'd like to see more often as the optimal conductivity of the Arc V2 proves that excessively long threads are unnecessary and only add a frustrating element to swapping out batteries. a
As you can see in the 2nd pic below there's no threads on the switch section which completely removes the chances of any binding or "freezing" of threads which ALWAYS happens to a mechs at least once due to heat causing expansion & contraction or because of ill fitting threads thanks to careless machinists, blunt, over used cutting tools or both. It has to be said standards in manufacturing clones has risen greatly in the past 2 or so years though exhibit A the Arc V2 :).

Arc V2 in Olive green cerakote made of copper (plain (naked) brass, plain (naked) copper & black cerakote in copper also available)
SKU 7384602

NB : 24mm rda's MAX. Kennedy 24mm's fit nicely & the airflow isn't blocked.