Moldy wrote:

@Bassett - when filling it do you just smear / place some shatter on top of the coils and then go from there? Is it wasteful in the sense that shatter runs down into places where it wont be vaporized? Or does it efficiently vape an entire fill? I've never tried one of these but I'm curious.

I've only used for shatter and after a quick pulse and a touch with a loaded dab tool it melts and stays on the coil nice. I fire it till its red, then let it cool for a second and it melts onto all four easily. Little to no waste, and when the coil fires red again you know it's completely dry & used up. After a whole gram, it had only a tiny amount on the wall. The coil has a cap so it doesn't get everywhere and even it was clean after a gram, so it doesn't spit. gets hot enough the surface under and around is consumed. From what I'm told, the airflow is superior and plugs less than any other device. Only real waste on the walls was from not having a steady hand a couple times. I was worried about waste, but it was negligible. I thought the cap on the coil would make all the difference in purchasing this device but I use it off more than on so I can check of it fires red because I like a visual indicating it's out. I like it enough I'm considering selling it to see if I can make a buck cus locally their a hundred bucks.