XDM45ACP wrote:

SORRY, DJ! BUT I CALL BULLSHIT!... First thing I received mine, and the fake chain link decal was peeling off. But let's talk about the two-minute hack, I'm very mechanically inclined, have the tools and the mind to do the job, the only thing I was missing was my Step drill bit yesterday, (my Son, so kindly forgot to return) but I still put my Mod Maker 510 on temp. So I tore down the $20 mod and went to town! removed the battery sled did some grinding on the contacts with my Dremel tool, come to find out that the contacts are not plated copper, just some cheap Chinese metal. Anyway put it all back together, and found out that the only Batteries that will fit is the18650 no 2x700, no way no how! unless you cut out the front panel or the back panel the 20700 just barely fits with a little front panel rocking action, but not acceptable. and the only way for the 2x700 to fit is this... JUST GIVING YOU BUSINESS DJ!! lol.

Both of mine fit 20700's and had silver plated copper contact plates. They weren't obtained from here. Maybe the front plate and back on yours are thicker than mine and you got a revised batch. Sold my black and blue ones three weeks after I posted my initial review.

leftjeffa wrote:

Lol. At least you're honest

I reviewed what I got.