I figured I'd give this dinosaur a try (hoping for a better experience than I had with the Coil Father). Well I'm having trouble getting reliable 510 connectivity with 3 different RDA's. It seemed OK for first few hours. Maybe I was using tons of force thinking problem was the contact (which I deformed a bit and is now too sensitive, LOL.. anyway, easy to tune later) and sort of deformed various parts and so enabled intermittent contact allowing some vape action.

I pressed the 510 down with a screwdriver a bunch of times to observe it spring back nicely, wishfully hoping it would find a new higher neutral position.

I suppose I'll eventually unscrew the upper threaded washer all the way out (I can rotate it little by little) to see what I can do. If anyone knows a way to adjust the 510 hot center height (with or without removing washer) to get reliable operation, I'd love to hear it. (And how does one fully re-tighten washer? special tool?)

I'm also confused about the brass contact disc: when I rotate it all the way to uppermost position, it just spins. What's the point of that? It can't be good for electrical conduction. At times it did become very hot but I don't think that's my main problem.

Another weird thing: I tend to overdrip, and this is the first squonker where liquid collects in the bottle in noticeable amounts. I guess tube inner diameter is larger.