NeilWpgFT wrote:

I suppose I'll eventually unscrew the upper threaded washer all the way out ..

I went through about 15 cycles of removing & reinstalling the 510 pin in order to raise it.


tuning the spring.

placing an insulating washer under the pin (nice diam but a bit tall).

sliced that washer into two shorter ones, and tried those.

spring + modified washer.

I never achieved reliable firing. (Exception: on one RDA if I unscrew squonk pin 1-2 turns I do get some action but I don't like running RDA like that)

I'm pretty sure I stripped the black (ABS? ultron? sorry, I'm not a materials guy) insulating disc that threads on to the upper conducting (batt negative) disc, even though I mostly used finger force when lamely trying to tighten things. During some of my attempts, when pushing the pin down into the assembly, the black disk would pop off the upper metal disc. And I say I stripped it because when I tighten the black disc now there's a click and it keeps turning. I tried bits of tape on its inner thread to firm things up but I don't think it helped much.

And as before, when I tighten the lower (brass?) conducting disc (that "L" strip contacts) it just doesn't feel like a proper mechanical tightening.

So looks like I made it worse: previously I at least had unreliable intermittent vape action.

Then I cut strip of SS ribbon, bent it into a U with one longer end and seated it in the squonk pin; mod nows work, prob as a non-squonker or maybe a constricted one. And maybe it hits softer than it should, not sure yet. I might also ask FT to replace it or provide credit for it (even though I altered it in the hope of saving both them and me time and trouble).