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#51 (permalink)      3/19/2018 1:06:45 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Moosgummi wrote:

XDM45ACP wrote:leftjeffa wrote:I just ordered a pack from Lightning Vapes a few minutes ago, Sat.Sat, a few mins ago...? XD, are you from the future?I had just ordered it a few minutes ago and it was arriving Saturday! which it did, it's white, fluffy, absorbent, that's about all I can say.Better than other cotton? Close to fiber freaks?Edit: Sorry. Partly ninja'd by your edit...

Well, Moos it's good as CB v2 FF I have not used very much of, to be honest.

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If you want on or off the list just let me know.
#53 (permalink)      3/23/2018 7:18:11 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Can we please get some Cotton Bacon pads already? I'm wasting so much cotton because I always rip off way too much than I need. With pads I just cut and it's the exact amount every single time.
#54 (permalink)      3/25/2018 5:32:16 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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XDM45ACP wrote:
[quote]But I did pick up these new Batteries from LV you guys heard anything about these?[img][/img][/quote]

Mooch mentioned in one of his YT videos that he's in the middle of testing them and although they're alright cells, their wrapper stats are grossly overrated.

Rewrapped cells I stay away from since its well known that, without notice, the cell inside can change/be swapped out for am inferior one at any time.

Its always best to check Mooch's testing before purchasing any cell and it's highly advisable to only buy cells in their original wrap; Sony, Samsung, LG, Sanyo etc.

Few questions for you so I can recommend the best, most trusted and cheapest vendors where you are as well as a few cells:

Which country do you live in?

Are you using mechanical or regulated mods?

What ohm range do you vape at?

The best 18650 for mech's is beyond doubt the Sony VTC5A. Its 25amps continuous (can be vaped at UP to 35A if , 2500mah and has the lowest Internal resistance of all but one 18650, meaning it hits harder.
The Samsung 25r in comparison is also 2500mah but its only 20 amp's and has a higher IR. There are some LG cells with a lower IR but they are only 1500mah!.

For regulated mods you cannot go wrong with Sony VTC6's which are 20 amp's continuous and 3000mah.

That's 18650's.

In terms of 20700's and 21700's the top dogs (when they hit stores in the next couple of months) will be the Samsung 21700-30T for Mechs and the Samsung 21700-40T (and 50T) for regulated devices.

Accordingto Mooch's testing he done a year ago now;
The 30T is 3100mah, has THE LOWEST Internal resistance of ANY cell he has ever tested, at 6mOhm's!! That's half the IR of the best 20700 atm- the Sanyo 20700A!
It is also a 40amp cell that can be pulse fired (vaped) at up to 60AMPS!

The 40T is 4000mah and 30amps
The 50T is 5000mah and 25amps(estermated)

Currently, for my 20/21700 mech squonkers I use quite a few Sanyo 20700A's (also available as VAPECELL'S 3200mah, 30amp rewrap if you cannot find the OG Sanyo. They are trusted and have promised not to change the cell inside the wrap)

My absolute preferred cell, however, is the elusive Sanyo 20700C (see FastTech forum thread ETA+ETA+ETA, type Sanyo 20700C into Google to find thread)
It is 3500mah (where the Sanyo A is 3000mah) it's 30/35amps (to the A's 30amps) but it's best attribute is its IR, which is only 10mOhm (max, it has been measured by some to be 8/9mOhm!) Whilst the Sanyo A is 12/14mOhm (I can't remember off the top of my head which it is)

Anyway, hopefully this helps you or someone else if it doesn't bore you to death first! Lol.
#55 (permalink)      5/21/2018 11:34:33 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I have went through 2 packs of CB Prime. I have been an avid user of CB v2 for some months before. Can i tell a difference between this new Prime and V2? Naw, not really. It seems a bit easier to work with; a bit dryer and easier to tear, IMO. Wicking seems the same to V2.

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#56 (permalink)      5/26/2018 4:22:07 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I'm wasting so much cotton because I always rip off way too much than I need.

hmm, you can measure it before cut :)

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#57 (permalink)      6/9/2018 1:57:22 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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VaprPro wrote:

I'm wasting so much cotton because I always rip off way too much than I need.hmm, you can measure it before cut :)

I just use scissors instead of ripping the cotton now, as I always seem to have one end that's thinner than the other end - And way too much cotton. But not with scissors! All hail the scissor!

#58 (permalink)      10/29/2018 6:47:45 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Look organic cotton wether repackaged or hyped is bottom line organic f**king cotton lol
I got all them hyped bullshit cotton all do sale job some have more break in time others don't .some are fluffier some are not . Etc but it's still organic cotton . My 180 pack muji or KGD cost me less and guess what ? It's organic cotton 🤡 If you follow cotton hype you'll end up with a shiteload of different cotton and they all the same " organic cotton" prolly got some other cotton or rayon mixed threw it to make ppl think it's superior . I tried them all over 7years or so and I'm back on muji and KGD I diy I can honestly say that kendo gold edition tastes and absorbs the same as muji . Kendo gold .cotton bacon etc lasts same amount time muji koh gen do does . Cause my juice is sweet I'm lucky to get 2dAys out a wick .

If I repackage muji and mix KGD and call it cotton bacon prime GOLD edition and plaster a $8 per 10 strips bet ppl would think it's best shit ever 😆😆
M2mm x 3mm or 4mm - M2.5mmm x 3 or 4mm - M3mm x 3 or 4mm screws /grubs etc for new vapers will be invaluable