TruckinVapor wrote:

I think the OP is sucking too hard, has too small of a coil, not enough wick density for the oval hole chamber. Creating such a vacuum that causes juice to permeate the wick like a filter. Adjust your technique, Dvarw is a direct feed tank, not vacuum fed like a KF... Full stop!

There might actually be something to this.(I am trying to resemble the feel from cigarette smoking, I also like my AF very tight, and I am chain vaping as I vape very low mg. This is why I am using a KF, this is what I understand is MTL...respective is my way how I like to vape.)

I am using 2mm (I think) micro coils ATM, 8 wraps usually (1.5 Ohms), 28AWG, yesterday also tried 6 wraps (~1 Ohms). But you may be right, just randomly looking at pics on Google, people are using coils with larger diameter. So cannot exclude that "wick density" is an issue here.