The DVARW MTL needs to build a little different than a KF. When I bought my first DVARW MTL there wasn't any information available so I had to do it the hard way and start building on it. At first I wasn't all that impressed about the vape experience but I quickly noticed that it was worth investing the time to use different builds with it.

As my wicking and building got better with the DVARW MTL my vape experience got better too. As a low nicotine (+/- 2 mg) chain vaper I now can say that for me it's the best RTA I own. I haven't tried all of them but to make me put my KF Prime away it does mean something.

To build your DVARW MTL forget about the Ohms. That's not important. Use 8 wraps around 2.5mm regardless of what ever wire type you use. I use 27 AWG Kanthal because I do use my DVARW MTL with a mech mod and it gives me a ggod vape till the battery runs out of power (around 3.2V). On a regulated device I only vape it at 9 Watt (chain vaping) and my wife 12 Watt (not chain vaping).

Edit: Ohms are only important for the hipsters. :D