Flooding, gurgling issues are 100% user errors!

Mostly but not always, tenger├ęsz.
In the past, I had some Serpent minis, with the first one I could do just anything it was pissing juice all over. Sent it back, got a good replacement one.
Idem with a Troll RTA clone, useless. I binned it, anyway I didn't like the vape on it. Or my very first kayfun lite, years ago, when I was a total newbie. Dry hits over dry hits, till someone figured out from my pics that the juice channels were quasi non existing =)

Sometimes they can feck up with machining something, then you can tear out all your hair and there's just no solution. It's never excluded.
After all there're peeps who learn slower than faster. It's always better than never. =) (I don't mean only vaping here...)