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Is this basically a stick battery version of JC01 OVNS’s version of a Juule kit?
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#1 (permalink)      1/2/2019 11:30:07 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Is this basically a stick battery version of JC01 OVNS’s version of a Juule kit?
Does this take the
JC01 ceramic cartridges as well as the W01 cotton coils? I’m getting the feeling that this is OVNS Tech’s way more affordable version ofl Jull Kit just no magnetic charging and no touch sensor to see battery life? Only thing that worries me is that is looks similar to the myblu batteries that go bad guaranteed... I have the JC01 kit and for the $10 this thing works awesome given it’s only a month old but basically what I want to really know is this the JC01 battery in a stick version with a little bigger battery & does it take the same carts and are these batteries in the kit is compatible Juule pods?
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+1 details
Yes both the W01 and JC01 are compatible with Juul pods. 👍😉

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since the regular juul clones disapeared here on FT,.... i think this is the best option for your juul pods!
i have been using this mod for a month now and have to say it is pretty good, the recharging by usb is a bit less fancy,.. but actualy more reliable!.... i like this one , i think i even might order a second one for backup/spare ...