ericbnc wrote:

You solved a problem I never knew exist since Nintendo switch. Our grandchildren love the switch.

At this point, didn't exactly solve it... I have finally gotten the triggers I ordered to work somewhat.. they do not clip fully on my new phone without the clip forcing it off my phone slowly from over extension. Safe to say, I think the max *acceptable* phone width for the triggers I bought is 14.8~mm. still better than 12mm the most like other triggers.

I do like my switch, but the lack of non-nintendo exclusive titles is what puts me off the most from using it much, along with the size(which isn't too big and slot of people prefer the bigger than a phone screen).

Soultaco wrote:

I just go a new battery from my old hacked psp. I think it was something like dev5. But I lost all of my games and now I need to learn to rehack it with new firmware because I forgot how to d ino it.

There are tons of videos how to hack it without a Pandora battery. My issue with putting in a new battery, I have to solder the leads to the charging port of the motherboard. The space between the - and +
contacts are 1mm apart... Very easy to bridge the connection on accident.

There are ways to stick a new battery in the battery pack housing, but that requires soldering to the chip board in the battery and I already broke the 4 original boards I had.