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Where can I buy a replacement Chip for this mod?
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#11 (permalink)      7/29/2022 5:00:07 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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SuperCrystal wrote:

xandwhyisY wrote:
If you are looking for a sort of similar mod then SKU 9689942 may be of interest to you. The extra MOSFETs are these SKU 9690881
The fire press is not on the side but thanks anyway

The fire button on the Stratum Zero is on the side of the mod, it's the little greyed out bit near the top in the second and third photo. The button does sit a little lower than the Cthulhu though.

The only other mod I can think of that are similar are the Steam Crave Mini Robot, but I'm not sure if FT carries extra MOSFETs. Digiflavor makes the Digiflavor S tube, and Vwpefly makes the Siegfried tube so they may be worth a look at as well.

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Vapes by Enushi is showing some still in stock! They are in Canada, so who knows how much shipping will be to where ever You are?

This was my favourite mod for a long time! I bought the last 3 chips they had at the Cthulhu Web site.

This chip also fits in the Alto mod :)

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