A gem of a rda, this little talked about or reviewed single coil 22mm rda produces flavour which very few other rdas can match.

The stainless steel and black versions have an adjustable inner air flow cap and a removable 810 style drip tip while the three PC versions have an integrated and non adjustable one piece cap/510 style drip tip. The draw from the single air flow hole is an open dl type but it can be dialed down to suit your style and almost mtl using the PC caps which have smaller bore 510 style drip tips. The base has knurling which aids in removing the rda from a mod.

The one piece insulator/air flow post looks unusual and I have not been able to confirm what it's made of but it works flawlessly and it has not melted, deformed or degraded when running it up to 75W. One post is intentionally taller than the other post with openings for the coil higher in order to make it easier to install a coil where the coil legs are not pre bent or parallel although the slits for your coil are a bit small, so trying to fit thick wire coils is impossible without filing the slits to make them taller. A 4mm deep juice well is sufficient for the size of the rda and in squonk mode it's perfect.

This rda really shines above most other rdas in the flavour department, for all types of e-liquid flavours. For me it beats the Citadel, the Haku Venna, the Flave and other highly regarded flavour rdas. Pick one up and experience it for yourself.