carrion4worm wrote:

I'm an engineer. And despite being currently correct(green energy infrastructure), this Earth will be a husk one day from mining and fracking...Sure, WE will be dead, so if that's how you wanna play it, sure....But doing what we can, where and when we can, to slow global destruction is only a good thing. It creates new industries, and divides wealth from crooked oil barons, etc...In Virginia, we told Natural Gas to Suck it, no pipeline through our forests. We already have rail, which is cost effective, and it's an infrastructure already in place. Instead of pipes, build bridges!That's something an engineer can get behind, lol.

I'm thinking my brain went for a piss but my fingers kept typing. I think that my 47 liter tank holds around 40 lbs of fuel which is roughly equivalent to 10 lbs of hydrogen (maybe 25% or something). Would need to run numbers and I'm about 4 dabs in to a comatose sleep cycle. lol