logidog wrote:

My city is on the Mississippi river but we get our water from a massive 2000 year old aquifer. But you’re correct as most cities were built close to easy accessible rivers & lakes where many are now polluted and/or losing their capacity to retain normal levels. The west is now on fire and it’s become obvious many will have to relocate to survive.What’s the old saying: “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”? The minds of the world better get busy to find a cheap desalination process for the oceans or many will perish quickly.

I'm assuming the HeatDome(tm) will kill millions worldwide next summer and that's when the whole fucking world will panic. All at once. Summer 2023 will not be survivable. Superly hoping to be wrong on this one.

The problem with something like desalination is that it requires energy and produces waste heat. Everything produces waste heat. No matter how Green our tech is there will always be the waste heat. How do you get rid of it? Radiate the heat into Space? Good Luck! The Earth has been cooling radiatively for more than 4 billion years and continues to do so. Radiating heat is the least efficient method and for a Planet, the only one.

The only path forward I see is to ramp up the development of AI's and more importantly AI programming and enabling sub-systems which will operate in our absence. That and secure as much data as possible in hardened storage. Humans are finished...let's not lose all of our information and memories as well.

We knew this day was coming when Mr. Gates stated that we are probably "Biological BootLoaders for AI Systems".

The problem isn't oil, or chemicals, or SUV's, or overwrap or whatever the phuqe the problem is too many friggin' humans. We need MAX 40M worldwide...not 8 Billion. Best of to Everyone