Well worth $25

After dropping a one week old squonk mod on my allotment and it took an hour to find it, I looked round for something suitable. This is it. With the up/down buttons protected behind the door and the included lanyard this is perfect for when working on the allotment. It is too heavy really for swinging on a lanyard but tucked into my shirt pocket, I know it's always ready and I am not going to lose it. I bought 2. One is giving me bags of flavour with a single wire coil and the other with a small clapton.

What isn't obvious is, after wicking, you need to screw on the airflow ring before you screw down the topcap otherwise the topcap screws down too far and lets juice into the airflow. The annoying door rattle was fixed with sellotape on the inside of the door to close up the side to side and top/bottom gap - a 5 second job.