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Turkov Antony
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#1 (permalink)      2/7/2020 1:41:12 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Turkov Antony
Good afternoon!!! Tell us what is the difference between US (Standard) and EU (Standard).
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Hello Turkov,

The only different for US (Standard) and EU (Standard) is the packing box. You will see the detail at the official website. Thank you.
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Also EU is only allowed to sell 2 ml in pods so the usa version usually has bigger capacity and they stick something in tank to bring it to 2 mls..
Oh that sound... it's just me stirring the pot
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Selection colour was easy, the Silver One + MECHLYFE RBA SKU 9717379
Also ordered extra Pod´s at the sam time, always good to have extras.
DIY is the way to go, my advice to others is to learn basic RBA-build.


No more "this coil is out of stock, ETA unknown"