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Wicking issue
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#1 (permalink)      9/5/2020 4:31:54 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Wicking issue
Even with wick positioned properly over the screws, vapor seems too dry and frequently the cotton looks to be barely-saturated. Is there some way to increase juice flow a bit? Or is this not for chain vaping?
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Hi TT_Bankroll, no, it is not for chainvaping. Do You use the Stainless Steel Wicks or Mesh Rolls? With Mesh Rolls You can influence the liquid Flow much better than with the relatively new Wicks, but even with Mesh Rolls the FEV is built for MTL up to relaxed restricted DL up to 25, maybe 30 Watts with Coils between 0,5 and 2,5 Ohm Coils, preferable simple Roundwire or small MTL Claptons.
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Agreed with samba
With ss wicks it’s probably a good idea to stay light on vg. 50/50 works fine. I wouldn’t bet on a 30/70 mix but I’ve never tried.

2 or 2.5 Id coils around or above 1 ohm and 10 to 15 W is a winner.
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#5 (permalink)      9/6/2020 6:38:04 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Hello friends,

Thank you all for your suggestions.

I've made a slightly bigger coil, still 2.5mm inner diameter, but I think of most importance is that i've extended the wicks (and fluffed them out more) so that they can wick up the juice that makes it to the bottom.

This seems to be the major factor in increasing my FEV's performance, and I'm finding it's much more consistent now. It even holds up to a bit of chain vaping.

It took a few rebuilds but your collective advice was very helpful in getting to this point.

I'm not using the mesh rolls or SS wicks yet. I've been getting used to the FEV without them, so I have been sticking with the basic build for now.

Till next time,
TT Bank

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I just followed Klaus' wicking method, which is fluffed out short tails that go nowhere near bottom. Almost bow tied.

No liquid makes it to the bottom, and I can take very long pulls and chain vape with no dry hits. 2.5mm, 1 ohm, 15-18 watts usually. I vape 50/50 though, plus I use the SS DLC wicks. Hope that helps.

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