I received 2 yesterday from a USA shop. One has the sticky button, the other is fine. The sticky one also has annoying play in the rear panel, the other is tight as a drum. The sticky button seems to be working it's self out, but if it continues showing up it's RMA time. It will be a roll of the dice whether the replacement has either of the same issues, but I'm kind of hoping that the button continues sticking to have a chance of getting one back with a tight panel. I'm glad that I spent a few extra bucks for ease of exchange within the USA this time if needed..

I can say that the mod is reading my resistance spot-on, and is in-line with both my meter, and DNA devices I have. Battery life is nice.. With a 0.60 SS316L coil @ 420F / 25W, a Molicel P42A 21700 gave me 504 puffs at an average of 5.5 seconds each.