This product has another use, other than it's intended use with Smok RPM coils in your Boro mods, and it's as a replacement housing for BOTH the authentic and SXK versions of the VAPE SNAIL SKU 9724879

Yep, the bridge piece fits perfectly in the upper hole, while the rest of the "Snail" pops in underneath, after removing the Black RPM COIL plug.

In the photo, just to show the difference, I used my authentic Amber-colored VapeSnail tank, and mixed it with this product, SKU 9734992, the RPM coil Boro Tank, with excellent results. They are IDENTICAL, though the authentic Atmizoo tank has a "stopper" to keep the fill plug from falling out, while the other versions do not...all 3 sets are interchangeable (SXK Snail, Auth. Snail, RPM Boro), with each tank fitting each base, and vice versa.

Nice little find, I absolutely LOVE little "surprises" like this, and it makes a product I seldom use (RPM Boro) seem a little more justified in sticking around!

LEFT: RPM tank w/ Snail inside RIGHT: ATMIZOO w/ SMOK RPM .4 Coil inside