Faisal, it depends on personal taste, but I would look at the Lost Vape Centaurus, or the new Thelema. I have both, but I favor the C-frame battery loading style of the Thelema. I like the Centaurus more looks-wise, due to the wood panels on my version. Both have the latest Evolv chip, uses 18650 cells(2 of them), and is fully customizABLE via Escribe.

The SXK DNA60 mods are nice for lower wattage and shorter battery life. The DNA60 is nowhere close to being as customizable, in fact many modders today still dont even include USB connections. The Alieno(great) and the SLGT(great) both dont even have usb ports...this mod (scud tt) has a usb, but isnt connectable.

I like them all. You really need to pick your favorite, because ALL DNA chips are high quality, which usually means manufacturers try to put it in a decently built mod. If I were you, I'd make sure to get a newer "C" series DNA mod. That way you have Replay and all Evolv's newest features. DNA60 are more of a classic workhorse chip with little customization, comparatively.

Go shop a while...let us know what you fancy! Also, check out ThinkVape's AUXO...I hear it's very well built also.