analogueman wrote:

Liberal_Lefty wrote:
Some people treat vaping like cars or their penises.
Seriously, who the fuck buys this and brags they dropped 2 bills on it?
NRA Trump voting gay bashing truck driving hard core vapers, that's who.
Or alternatively, they just happen to like the device, with no bragging needed.


Amazing just how contradictory lefties are, such as how they club everyone over their heads with the "inclusive" stick, excluding all who dare to have different opinions, or ***gasp***, drive a truck. Always the nastiest people, always so angry and miserable....

Also, the right actually stands up for gay people's rights and accepts them without question, where have you been? It's the far left which seems to be hell bent on destroying the idea of being gay, and women and men for that matter. If sexual dimorphism is just a "social construct", as the far left preach, then none of these no longer exist! If you can simply choose to be gay, a man, or a woman, then these are suddenly meaningless words and concepts. Now that's some serious gay-bashing!