OppilifVape wrote:

Even If I use less cotton that barely touch the deck I got the same problem! Yours are working right till the last drop??

You're not a J Haze fan are ya?

FT trying to keep this under the wire or what? I'd think an atomizer that's drawn this much interest might show up front page.

What do ya have for liquid Oppi? Honey's sweet but it don't wick well ya know.

MTL, RDL or ya going without the plastic air flow ring?

TC circuit, Replay or maybe the hand crank generator out of your parents emergency radio because of some sick insurance plot the butler's going to be taking the rap for?

Complex switch rail two train steam rollin coil ya got going in there Oppi?

In most cases I only have a few drops of liquid left as I set the wattage and vape till the tank is near empty then activate Replay. As long as I don't finger fumble buttons there have been no issues at all.

With longer use wicks, I have noticed the wick seems to get plugged up at somewhere near 150ml to 200ml with sweeter liquids. At the rate of near 50 to 60 ml a day.
Built right mine have been nothing but juice pigs.

And an edit for where's the pics?