essellar wrote:

carrion4worm wrote:
A few older high end modders did this back in the day, with mirrored screen insets and the like...
You mean "high end" like Sigelei?

Well, no...I don't consider Them a high end company, or even close. The mod i remember had a DNA 75 or 60, and was not Chinese. Maybe it will come to mind.

To OP: Yes, they use mirrored/ reflective panels to "hide" the screen...maybe not exactly what's going on with the Vaporesso, but it exists. If esselar thinks of the Sigelei, maybe he'll mention the mod, so we can check it out.

EDIT: i found something close in a mod I own, and it IS Sigelei, kinda. It's the LED-ridden Kaos Z mod, which had a mirrored screen, a clear acrylic battery door, and visible "chipset". Really a mod of it's time, lol! Maybe this is what Essy speaks of!