vashcorler wrote:

Sorry I guess I didn't doing very wellin the vid. I would do a new one later.

You made your point. But it did appear to me that you couldn't get it to fall out, then manipulated it a bit so it would fall out. That's how it appears...but again, your point is a valid one. I will simply give an example that many here will understand (hopefully):

If you've ever bought a brand new Billet box, the boro inside rattles around when unlocked, and easily falls out when tipped over...however - fill that boro with juice,rba and coils (making it much heavier), use it for a couple days, then unlock the boro and try to remove it...good luck, right? Most of us have to poke something down the chimney, or SLAP it on our hand while upside down, to remove it. See? It's the same concept as a mod with loose, clicky panels...after months of use, juice, grime, dirt, microscopic SHIT settles in those panel grooves, making the panels more secure over time (and less noisy)

Give it a chance to work as intended. It may yet prove worthy!