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This is part of the reason why Wh/mWh works better for calculations.

I agree with you here.
Energy (Wh) is a better reference for battery capacity in general and for multi-cell batteries in particular.

When initiating a multi-cell DNA device it's always a good idea to start by connecting it to EScribe and run the Battery Analyzer.
And then configure the mod to the obtained result (Wh).

According to Steam Crave's marketing, the LiPo packs present in this mod are the
Fullymax 1600mAh LiPo Battery Pack 4S 14.8V 30C

Specifications from the battery manufacturer:

Fullymax Professional LiPo Battery pack of 4cell
Capacity: 1600mAh
Voltage: 14.8V
Discharging rate: 30C
Max charging rate: 2C
Burst (3Sec): 60C
Dimension: 25*35*86 mm
Weight: 163g