Morris68 wrote:

1600mAh at 400W? Bet you'd get at least a half dozen good vapes before recharge time?Granted, I'm not an Electronics I missing something???

Divide your average mWh vape into the batteries mWh rating (23.68Wh x 1000 = 23,680 mWh), subtract the circuits inefficiency of 3% (if I'm correct) although I generally use 20%+ being 97% is peak efficiency.
As voltage drops efficiency suffers.

Ballparky with a 20 mWh vape would be around 900 to 1000 vapes, that's on the high side IMHO.

20mWh vape is about a .5 ohm 30x2 wrapped in 40awg SS316 at about 21 watts for 2.5 secondsish.