TCM56 wrote:

The elephant in the room, that no one said a thing about is: While all the banter about the mAh's and such has gone on, no one is going to vape at 400 watts. Well no one I've ever known has anyway. So lets say a person hits the fire button at 100 watts ( most people don't vape too much over this) for 3 to four seconds a vape. So someone do the math on that and figure out how long it lasts. The DNA Chip is a resourceful bit of engineering in that, if is pretty stingy with it's battery consumption. So any mathematicians want to find all the numbers and tackle the equation?

Not my game, I've only toyed around with slightly above 100 watts.

Different resistances would throw slightly varying coefficients/tangient angles in the mix besides I failed my first pass through low volt, I could end up way out in left field!

I couldn't even imagine a 400 watt vape and really have no interest in trying it.
As far as I know circuits like this are not exactly completely calculable, although it's possible to get relatively close.

All up in my head! LMAO!