All the desuede wrote:

And ???The procedure is still the same.

Not directed towards you, earlier the discussion was erroneously based on the idea that this was a "series" mod.

It's not, it's a DNA, that CAN go to 400 watts. It's set up like that naturally, nothing is required in Escribe for basic operation.

A 4s means, basically 4 cells. 3s? 3 Cells. multiplying the advertised mah by it's "S" designation is how we've done this for years...there is very little good info of the "interwebs", and most of it based on older LIPO packs.

6400 mah isn't that great, (little better than dual 18650 30Qs or LG browns...but it's a cooler battery, less internal resistance, and safer overall....and larger batteries may fit inside.