I'd get the Hyperion, guys. It's quite nice, and the fire button might just be one of the very best! It's soft, and rubbery, as are the 3 smaller navi buttons, and the USB C cover, which has a retaining bungie.

The leather is soft, and has a cushioned padding underneath. VERY comfy, indeed.

It is basically the same size as the 21700 Aegis, maybe A bit s-maller overall, and lighter by a bit...

My other 100C, the Boxer, is identical in height, but slimmer. The Boxer holds a 25mm, the Hyperion, 30mm at least! Of course the nylon Boxer is featherlight!

On mine, the fingernail scratch test removed no paint. There is only the thin metal frame around the cushioned hand-grip...that is the only painted surface...and it seems very durable

The two small logos- "hyperion" and "lost vape", and indented into the frame, and layered with silver ink. Small, and tasteful. My all black version has a "hyperion" symbol pressed into the leather.

Some videos show a personalized Theme, featuring Hyperion branding and new layout....mine did not have that installed, having the same basic DJLSB theme as others in the recent past. No matter, The Evolv forums have hundreds of alternates.

I'm impressed that they kept this as light as they did, and it's normal 21700 mod size....great job by Lost Vape!