Crispycritters wrote:

I don't know why FT get stock later than others but it is common for there to be delays with pre-order gear that is likely to be in high demand - I have noticed that stores that charge a higher price get stock faster than here. Ecigone (who are a UK low price/discount store) have them - but they are £115, you will have to wait longer here - but the price I paid was under £75.

The longer delay for splatter editions could be a simple supply issue - if orders for the solid colours are much higher than for splatter they will be a lower priority.

All guesswork rather than solid fact, but this seems to be the case for all high demand pre-release stock.

It sucks that the date has been put back for the third time (it is now 21 days later than the original date given) but I think its just a case of if you want something dirt cheap you have to wait for it.

its the same with BP Mods pioneer insider, other places/companies in Hong Kong have it in stock to send out in 24hrs but nothing here at FT!!! Keep up FT cause ill have to go other places