Oh, what? ROFL?

Get up, dust yourself off and try again.tonypp wrote:

That makes no sense. These are labelled 26*3/36 AWG.
How can they be smaller than other 26*3/36 coils, such as Coilology (which I use a lot).

Also, adding/removing length (wraps) always alters the resistance.

I don't understand what you're saying. Explain it to me.

I can't answer that question, I am not familiar with your coils, sizes, or expectations. The. 26 ohm, for instance, like essellar said, is for the Requiem. Can't speak on the others. If the wire sizes match, go for it. They are good coils, you will use them! Also, the .26 that I use a lot of are 2.5mm, 4 wraps.