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Carefully check the specs of the 4 wrap 0.26 ohm wires against these and you will find they have totally different core wires, they both have a clapton outer wrap and made from Ni80 but it doesn't make them the same. The ohms per foot/metre is different for each wire

If you unwind a wrap the leg will become ridiculously long as you will be forced to clip a relatively long length from it or it will not fit in the tank - this WILL lower the resistance.

Don't take my word, or anyone else's - either check Steamengine, or put a coil in any tank you have, check the resistance - then remove it, unwind a wrap, re-insert and re-check. The resistance will drop because you are using a shorter length of the same resistance wire if you take a wrap off the coil
This is a pre-purchase discussion, which makes all this good info, but impertinent to this discussion. I don't even think you are a "brain donor".lol

Unfortunately the classic "carrion" statement you made in paragraph 2 of post 5 (I won't bother reiterating it because I'll probably spray coffee all over my keyboard again) is priceless, and what I was responding to

By the way - it is simple enough to raise the resistance of most pre-wound coils simply by using each leg to add an extra half wrap to each side of the coil (which can also make them larger - yes that is also possible). I'm surprised that someone with your self professed encyclopedic knowledge of all things vaping hasn't yet discovered something so obvious.

I take it you haven't checked a coilbuilding/resistance site like Steam Engine because you feel secure in your genius.

Maybe you should post what i said...I said "simply clipping the legs usually make little difference"...which you should know is entirely correct.