carrion4worm wrote:

I'm guessing "classic" means "correct", lol...I'll take another win! Yeah, stretch those coils, Crispy!!!!

No mate "classic"means something entirely different.

It is true you did say simply clipping the legs normally makes little difference (which nobody has a problem with) - the sentence IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THAT ONE where you said adding or removing a wrap won't make any difference to resistance is where your genius slipped. (and the reason people are pointing and laughing)

Its hard not to notice that you edited your post AFTER a few people called you out on it... I'm not sure why because you left the complete howler.

P.S. - using the extra leg length of pre-built coils to add an extra wrap isn't 'stretching' a coil - it is making use of what you material you already have if you want the coil to have higher resistance and increased coil to cotton ratio once fitted. It is common practice and basic build knowledge.

I suggested you actually check a coil building site to confirm for yourself, but you obviously didn't. But please don't bother - your ignorance is precious, and once gone - it can never be replaced.