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TY4LOL wrote:
but those pictured are only 5 1/2
one leg comes from the bottom and one from the top

remember this post?
By the way - it is simple enough to raise the resistance of most pre-wound coils simply by using each leg to add an extra half wrap to each side of the coil (which can also make them longer - yes that is also possible).
Yeah, I remember it, he just made it. and he's sadly wrong, as I've just explained twice. If the length does not change, how are you rearranging molecules to become more dense with no extra metal?

Every pre-built coil has longer legs than is actually needed - the resistance quoted is the resistance when the coils are fitted, the excess leg length trimmed away, and glowed until bedded in.

The resistance quoted is NOT for the total length of wire that the coil is made of - but the resistance.

If you use a single Coilology 3-26/36 coil for example, if used without adding or removing a wrap the resistance will be 0.21 (+/- 0.01 ohms).

If you use another coil from the same tub of 3-26/36 but remove a wrap the resistance will DROP to around 0.18 - 0.19 ohms because you will have to trim away more unwanted leg material.

If you use yet another coil but put it on a coiling rod and wind on an extra half wrap on each leg and fit this, the resistance will INCREASE to around 0.23 to 0.24 ohms because you are trimming away less excess leg material.

This is not magic, there is no "rearranging of molecules" or "stretching" of metal or any other artificial method of creating more - it is making use of the materials you already have and trimming away either more or less to give different length (or width if you prefer) and different resistance coils if needed from the same coils.

Hoot and laugh all you want, but when it comes to basic build knowledge you aren't anywhere near as knowledgeable as you believe yourself to be.