"Watts vs Ohms vs Volts vs Battery Life"

Or ...

Why Mesh Vaping Equals Longer Battery Life


I don't really care that the origin of this thread was in a different ballpark than the one in which we now find ourselves (so goes the nature of discussion) ... this isn't a classroom where one is expected to ask questions and receive answers relegated to the title of the class at hand. For example ... ya wouldn't ask your math teacher "what year did Columbus sail the ocean blue, was it 1492 ... or was it 1862" ??? Nor would you ask your gym coach "which key is Middle C on a piano" ??? This is an open forum ... not too far removed from a dinner party, where a conversation might start out about
"how cute are kittens" ??? Find its way to "who likes single malt scotch" ??? And eventually snake it's way to "Did You Fuck My Wife ... YOU FUCKED MY WIFE" !!!
I find it just as astonishing, as I'm sure do many of you, that this thread didn't come to an end on page 1 (Hell, I didn't chime in until page 17) ... but as I mentioned earlier,
"so goes the nature of discussion".

That being said, let's move on.