All of your last post's claims fall to the ground the moment you want any warmth in your vape, Vic - you have to crank up the power high which kills battery life AND you play Russian roulette with dry hits.

With ordinary coils you can simply use a narrower gauge, higher ohm build, reduce the airflow a little and get battery life. good flavour AND heat,

Once you can build a small flavour single coil RDA, MTL tank, build for a series deck or a build on a series mech with mesh that isn't fucking huge your argument will have mileage (except for the low temperature vape). At the moment mesh simply suits YOUR preferences - it is good in the right applications, but it has few applications. In stock coil tanks it beats practically everything else - but there are many people who build that don't give a rat's arse about Stock coils or mesh rebuildables, for all the reasons you cannot acknowledge.