Vape696969 wrote:

Neither here on fasttech there’s not a lot of reviews anymore about vape products compared to before. Some famous rta now get only one review! I never wrote a lot - my bad - but I miss reading people comments. Do people vape less? Or is it simply the pods that took all the market and nobody rebuild anymore?

I am writing this while puffing some N.E.T. from cigars on an Sxk alpha rta.
On the Stratum Balance style:) The famous chip at the bottom so I don’t get blind, only my neighbours!

If you write a review that isn't saying how great a product is here, they take a year to publish it allot of the time, if they do at all. You can write to disguise how unsatisfied with the product, but that seems pointless to me. Basically if you don't like a product your better off leaving a post about how it is shit, instead of a review.

As far as this one is concerned, everything is on clearance sale eventually. If your willing to risk waiting for that and potentially not getting it at all, then just continue to wait. Or shop around, and look for the best price, and then potentially lose any savings on shipping.

"I like the form of it and the sobriety of the design" I liked that you said the sobriety of design, I am going to steal that expression. They come out with allot of dumb looking mods, some times you have to pay more for less LED lights, and fake carbon fiber, it's funny that the market is like that, but it is what it is.