Eternal Spline's musings on FT reviews are not true. Reviews, REAL reviews are posted within a day or two, usually.
Angry, "I didn't get what I wanted/ The product is faulty" 1 star unrealistic reviews are usually handled by CS first, to see what the real problem is, before posting an incomplete, possibly unwarranted overly negative review. That's good customer service - they want happy(or at least satisfied) customers, not angry reviews where no attempt at reconciliation has been made.

As far as the price of this High-End reproduction mod, look at the situation logically...if you built a near identical copy of an expensive product, you would charge less than the authentic, but more than the average "generic" mainstream products of a similar design, which is what we have here. The price is fair, IF the fit/finish is up to snuff - I can't say...but basically, you're paying a few more dollars because copyright/ design infringement is a tricky's the reasdn why large vendors/companies shy away from cloned products in general.