"I guess when you write one, you'll find out. After all, things change in 5+ years, when you last wrote one...correct?

Besides, the review system isn't about pipe bombs/ new users...it's about legitimate problems with manufacturing or operation, not learning Ohm's law/ vape safety...that is assumed when a user buys a mech, and does not factor in to legitimate reviews."

You don't know I did not write one last month. If you think you do please elaborate.

I think a mod being a pipe bomb is a legitimate problem, and could be caused by an issue other than ohms law or vape safety.

All reviews should be published in the same time frame good or bad, it's a faulty system if great reviews are published first and bad reviews go unpublished, or published at a much later date. It's an ethical issue, a safety issue, and a credibility issue.

You have your opinion, I have mine, why do you care my opinion is not yours?

I give Fasttech credit on what they do well, and I say what in my opinion what they do not do well. Like batteries, do you think Fasttech is a credible source for all things batteries? If you could only use mechs from now on with very low builds, would you trust blindly every battery from FT's warehouse that was rated in the range for that build?

Fasttech has issues, pretending it is perfect here is stupid. I get it you like to be willfully stupid and have multiple day long arguments about coil legs that need to be cut or not be cut to add or remove a wrap... Go on ahead and be stupid I guess? Yep nothing is ever broken here, nothing to see moving on... lol.

Seriously though, I don't even think FT is blind to the fact FT has issues. Why do you think they are so great at solving issues when they do come up, do you think it is because they never had them and were just instantly great at doing that? No it comes from many years of practice working out issues with customers. Cheap knock off products shockingly enough, allot of times come with issues, who would have thought... It's not FT who makes them, they are just a reseller, that job they do really well. Selling products, and solving issues, they do great at. It's a safety case, a ethical case, and a credibility case when selling products comes first though, and if your to dumb to see that, lets at least let this be the end of any more needless discussion.