"just stick to toothpicks, since you obviously don't understand what you're talking about. Reviews have dates, and you haven't posted one in 5 years...and as I said, they publish negative reviews all the time, IF they are descriptive, informative and not just "hot tempered" and/or "malicious".

like i said, when you write one one again, you'll find out. IF you write one again, I mean.

The rest of your comment is not related and off-topic to this recent discussion, so the last 70% of your post I'll not bother with."

I like how you stuttered. When you wrote back, "one one again", lol...

Karen listen shut the fuck up, no one likes you, your a bitch and you suck up to the mods. I don't care to have some little petty bitch argument with you. If you want to cherry pick out information and not have a real discussion don't start one in the first place.

My point was that you would not know if I wrote one if it was negative, and your on about the dates on them. Jesus Christ you fucking moron, I could go talk to a rock in my yard and get more out of it. Seriously go back to playing with yourself in the corner.